Beyond Hummus ...

We’ve been sharing seders, having interfaith dialogues and eating hoards of hummus for years. And yet…Anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Hate speech and division is commonplace. People don’t know there is a difference between a Sikh and a Muslim. Our politicians brazenly use Christianity to support policies Jesus definitely “would not do.” (#WJDWND) And to top it off our very own Supreme Court upheld a Muslim travel ban.

Clearly, what we’ve been doing hasn’t been enough.

All the hummus in the world won’t solve this crisis. We have to do better. We have to do differently. It is time to move beyond work focused on building a bridge across our differences. Instead, we must create a world where the difference is not an obstacle to overcome, but a celebrated reality. A world where we are united in our diverse identities and committed to making space for all of us to breathe, live, and thrive.
Through curricular, co-curricular, and public initiatives, the IRI seeks to create that world. Join us.