No one is an island and none of this work is possible without collaboration. The IRI is proud to have partnered in various ways with the following organizations doing valuable work in the fields of interfaith work and social justice. Join them. Join us.

A Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement at LSTC
Established in 2006, A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice fosters and deepens relationships between Christians and Muslims as a significant part of its larger purpose of building bridges of mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of all faiths.Website
Action Now
Action Now Institute is a social justice organization that works to empower and educate Black communities in areas of civic engagement, policy, and social issues. We know how important it is for directly impacted communities to share their life experiences and have it inform policy that protects their communities.Website
American Islamic College
An institution of higher learning grounded in Islamic values, embracing students of all backgrounds. AIC promotes appreciation for the scope and richness of Islamic history and civilization both in the classroom and by means of public events highlighting Islam’s intellectual, artistic and cultural expressions.Website
American Jewish World Service
The first and only Jewish organization dedicated to ending poverty and promoting human rights. Through philanthropy and advocacy, they've addressed some of the gravest global problems of our time—genocide, AIDS, violence against women and girls, hatred of LGBT people, and the consequences of natural and human-made disasters.Website
American Muslim Health Professionals
American Muslim Health Professionals is a national nonprofit organization focused on professional development, health education centered on the unique needs of Muslim Americans, and advocacy for minorities and underserved communities.Website
Bayan Islamic Graduate School
Offers a world-class non-sectarian education and produces dynamic and ethical leaders and scholars grounded in the Islamic tradition.Website
Better: Melvin Bray
A book by Melvin Bray who insists that a better world is possible if the stories around which we organize our lives begin to match the beauty we imagine is possible. Bray puts forth his own daring yet faithful reimaginings of classic faith stories that inspire more beautiful, more just, more virtue-filled ways of being in the world.Website
Burma Task Force
A coalition of 19 US and Canadian Muslim organizations, including our parent organization, "Justice For All," dedicated to advocating for the Rohingya and ending the genocide in Burma.Website
Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services
An Egyptian organization dedicated to social and cultural development, individual well-being, social justice, and inter-cultural harmony. It delivers its services regardless of gender, race, religion, or beliefs, and reaches out to more than 2 million Egyptians annually in more than 100 rural and urban communities.Website
Council of Religious Leaders of Metro Chicago
Composed of chief leaders of the Greater Chicago faith communities, the council embraces a broad diversity of theological and religious traditions. It is a microcosm of American religion as it exists in a great city and urban area in the American heartland.Website
Emgage is a national civic engagement organization is leading a nation-wide campaign to turn out one million Muslim voters for the 2020 presidential elections.Website
Faith in Public Life
FPL has played an important role in changing the narrative about the role of faith in politics, winning major progressive policy victories, and empowering new religious leaders to fight for social justice and the common good.Website
Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ
Their mission is to receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ by joining with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation and peace.Website
Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries
A communications ministry of the Protestant, Orthodox and Episcopal churches of Greater Chicago who uses the medium of television with a sense of artistic competence as an instrument that reveals the mystery of God’s love manifested in human life. They produce two television programs: Different Drummers and Sanctuary.Website
A Muslim-led organization that promotes sexual health and sexual violence awareness in Muslim communities through health education, advocacy, research, and training. They create inclusive spaces for women and girls and give them the resources they need to live out their values in the way they choose.Website
Interfaith Youth Core
A national non-profit organization working towards an America where people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions can bridge differences and find common values to build a shared life together.Website
IL Muslim Civic Coalition
The Coalition is a partnership of hundreds of activists, influencers, and organizations with a mission to collaborate and amplify social and civic efforts towards an equitable and representative America.Website
Innercity Muslim Action Network
Fosters health, wellness, and healing in the inner-city by organizing for social change, cultivating the arts and operating a holistic health center. IMAN operates a health center; provides housing and job training for formerly incarcerated men; empowers local youth through leadership development, and inspire change through arts and culture programming.Website
Interfaith Network on Drone Warfare
The Interfaith Network On Drone Warfare works to reduce the use of lethal drones and encourage Just Peace.Website
ISKCON Chicago
An environment of spiritual education and culture is the theme behind all their activities from Karma-free food distribution, distribution of books, courses, college programs, festivals, workshops, and worship services.Website
ISPU conducts objective, solution-seeking research that empowers American Muslims to develop their community and fully contribute to democracy and pluralism in the United States.Website
Jewish Council On Urban Affairs
Over the past 50 years, JCUA has flourished as the Jewish voice for social change in Chicago. Their mission is to combat poverty, racism, and antisemitism in partnership with diverse communities.Website
Kartemquin Films
Kartemquin is a collaborative community empowering documentary makers who create stories that foster a more engaged and just society. In 2016 Kartemquin celebrated 50 years of sparking democracy through documentary.Website
MPAC is a nationally recognized institution that has been around for 30 years to build public understanding of Islam and policies impacting American Muslims.Website
The MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs) organization strives to create a better understanding of disabilities in communities nationwide and build a better future for these “Special” People of Jannah.Website
Muslims Against Hunger
A network of volunteer communities that has grown worldwide with over 5000 volunteers in North America, Haiti, India, and Pakistan and are now located in over 20 plus cities in the United States. Their volunteers come from various backgrounds and faiths working towards the goal of feeding the hungry.Website
Muslims for Progressive Values
A non-profit organization who embodies the spirit of progressive Islam. They are a grassroots, human rights organization that embodies and advocates for social justice, for women’s rights, LGBTQI inclusion, freedom of expression and freedom of and from belief.Website
National Congress of American Indians
The National Congress of American Indians Fund is the public education nonprofit affiliate of the oldest and largest national organization comprised of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal nations and their citizens. The NCAI Fund spearheads the nonpartisan Native Vote campaign, which is intended to educate Native voters.Website
Niagara Foundation
An institution that brings together people from all walks of life in order to celebrate diversity in a shared society. They strive to promote social cohesion by fostering civic conversations and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths.Website
Parliament of The World’s Religions
Helping the global interfaith movement for peace, justice and sustainability.Website
Pillars Foundation
Since its founding in 2010, Pillars has invested over $2 Million in opportunities for American Muslims to tell their own stories, become leaders and fight bias through the media, arts, public discourse, and civil society.Website
Re Think Media
A unique, non-profit organization focused on building the communications capacity of nonprofit think tanks, experts, and advocacy groups working toward a more constructive US foreign and national security policy, the protection of human and civil rights, and strengthening our democracy.Website
Renewal In The Wilderness
A company based in Maine that helps people gain spiritual sustenance by exploring in the wilderness. They work to mitigate vocational burnout, help people connect to purpose, deepen social ties, and link community to nature through spiritual activities.Website
Sacred Space International
Builds community between diverse religious communities by sharing the sacredness of space, tradition and practice of hospitality, in order to engender a spirit of trust, friendship and solidarity.Website
Shoulder to Shoulder
An interfaith organization dedicated to ending anti-Muslim sentiment by strengthening the voice of freedom and peace. Founded by over 20 national religious groups, they work not only on a national level, but offer strategies and support to local and regional efforts to address anti-Muslim sentiment and seek to spread the word abroad.Website
Silk Road Rising
America’s first theater and media arts company dedicated to telling stories of East Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures, representing communities that intersect and overlap, and advancing a poly-cultural worldview.Website
Sirat Chicago
A neighborhood space that supports independent initiatives around arts, education, service and community building. They encourage community service and religious engagement, all in the spirit of confidently engaging their Muslim tradition.Website
Soulforce's goal is to turn this world upside down and inside out in the name of justice and equity for folks across all marginalized racial, sexual, and gender identities. They seek to do the kind of collective activism that makes souls burst, freeing them from spiritual violence.Website
Sukkat Shalom
A unique and innovative congregation serving a diverse group of individuals and families within an intimate spiritual home. Their mission is outreach to the intermarried, the unaffiliated, and all those searching for a meaningful Jewish life.Website
Syrian Community Network
Empowers Syrian refugees in achieving a seamless transition and relocation to the United States by connecting people to the right services and support networks.Website
Temple B’nai Yehuda Beth Sholom
A doorway to Jewish living B’nai Yehuda Beth Sholom, a Reform congregation, is a strong link in the unbroken chain of Jewish life. More than a consecrated building, the temple is a doorway to Jewish living in the southern suburbs of Chicago. They honor the past and celebrate the future at a synagogue with rich traditions and open doors.Website
The Mosque Cares
A non-for-profit charitable organization established by Imam W. Deen Mohammed, who led and oversaw the largest mass conversion to Islam in the history of the United States. He forged close ties with Muslim communities worldwide and established strong relationships with many of the world's faiths and their prominent leadership.Website
Three Wise Guys
A radio show, where three clergy-men from different faith traditions sitting down as friends to talk together about important things from the perspectives of the different religions they represent.Website
United Productions Foundation
The mission of UPF is to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. UPF produces films that tell compelling stories for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing religious and cultural pluralism, especially among Muslims and other faiths.Website
Zakat Foundation of America
A humanitarian organization in advancing zakat as a vehicle for social change. The third pillar of Islam, zakat is an obligatory claim on the wealth of the affluent to empower the indigent.Website