The IRI is committed to mapping and measuring efforts, and creating research-based approaches to our work. In our first year, IRI research interns were selected to develop a comprehensive three-year research plan to guide the evaluation of IRI efforts and map other interreligious efforts. The research included an examination of the impact of current affairs and rhetoric that diminish, modify, or obstruct interreligious dialogue and engagement.

Current research initiatives

A one-year project tracking participants from RIOTcon 2018: Beloved is a Verb, a two-day conference in April 2018, focused on challenging anti-Muslim bias and Christian privilege. This research project, led by PhD student Jess Peacock with supervision from Dr. Emily Vogt, Associate Dean and Director of the PhD program, seeks to determine the impact and engagement from the conference and to develop a set of best practices for conferences that lead to sustained impact and engagement.

An ongoing internal audit of Chicago Theological Seminary, examining curricular, co-curricular, and organizational initiatives and structures, focused on our interreligious commitments and identifying areas of strength as well as areas in need of growth and change. This work is undertaken by PhD students and supervised by the IRI Internal Steering Committee and IRI staff.